WordBrain THEMES


Check out this brand new variant of WordBrain, with themed categories and countless challenging levels!


Are you the King of the Human Body? The Master of Mammals? The Sovereign of Space? Well time to prove it! Solve the levels and prove you’re using that brain of yours for something!


WordBrain Themes is available on iOS, and Android


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Have you always suspected you’d make a great detective? Were you made to find words in a picture? Well, we’ve got a game for you!


Puzzle your way through hundreds of levels with devious picture clues giving you hints for the words you need to find! Solve the crosswords and give your brain a workout!


Check out this new game from MAG, and let us know what you think!


Wordalot is available on iOS and Android.


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Potion Pop


We believe Potion Pop will make you think of matching games in a whole new way, with ground-breaking Color Combos and challenging game modes to keep you on your toes. That’s because Potion Pop is lovingly crafted by a small team of dedicated and talented games industry innovators who want to bring you the best matching game experience ever. If we don’t think it’s fun, we don’t put it in the game!


Potion Pop is available on iOS and Android.


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Ruzzle is our smash hit word game. It is the fastest word game on the planet and immensely popular. You are challenged to find as many words as possible from a given set of letters in two minutes. As one of the world’s most successful word games, Ruzzle provides several smart features and is played and shared with friends or random players around the world.


Ruzzle has been downloaded by more than 50 million players who have so far played a staggering 14 billion rounds, spending over 50 000 years in the game. It is played in 13 different languages and has been a top ten word game in 148 countries on App Store.


Ruzzle is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle and Blackberry.


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WordBrain Logo



WordBrain challenges you to find specific words on the boards. Take care in collecting the letters, because the order of the words and the tiles you pick will determine if you can solve the entire puzzle! Advance through the stages and unlock hints and bigger and bigger boards!


WordBrain is one of the most popular word games in the world! Join over 25 million other brainiacs and play WordBrain!


WordBrain is available on iOS, Android, and Amazon.


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Ruzzle Adventure


Journey into a full blown word adventure with hundreds of levels filled with mind boggling word puzzles, inspiring landscapes and characters. Can you escape the rising waters, unlock the locked letters or outsmart the Ruzzlers?


Ruzzle Adventure offers the same signature finger-swiping mechanic you’ll find in Ruzzle, but in a whole new way. It’s a single player game with all the social components you’d expect, and you decide when you want to play. It’s just to kick off the game and challenge yourself to find as many words as possible.


Join the Adventure today and begin your journey through amazing landscapes and challenging levels!


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Have you ever played a game of tic-tac-toe or three-in-a-row where every square was protected by three tricky trivia questions? What about one where you could steal the squares from your opponent if they’re not smart enough to keep them?


QuizCross isn’t your average quiz game. If you want to win you have to combine trivia smarts with strategy. Play the players and take advantage of your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. You are invited to challenge friends or random players around the world.


The app has been downloaded by over four million people. It is played in nine different languages and has already been a top ten trivia game in over 50 countries on App Store.


Quizcross is available on iOS and Android.


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