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  • Staying on Message MAG Interactive's Daniel Hasselberg on messaging apps as platforms, 80% organic growth and Day 1,000 retention.
  • A Monday Ruzzle release calls for confetti! 🎉 and donuts 😋
  • Play time!
  • We´re excited to announce that our flagship mobile franchise Ruzzle has surpassed 70 million downloads. Since it’s launch in 2012 it has topped the charts of the App Store and Google Play across 145 countries and remains one of the most played word games on the market today. “We’re thrilled about this milestone for Ruzzle and proud that after nearly five years it is still popular amongst new and old fans alike"
  • Ruzzle for love! The Huffington Post "Some Turn to Tinder While Others Stumble Upon Chance Encounters for Their Turn at Romance" Happy Valentines!
  • How MAG Interactive made its iMessage game debut with SmackChat | Pocket | PGbiz
  • Monday's ok?.!
  • Talk to the Fist with SmackChat, Out Now on iMessage. Our first game for iMessage platform, Global launch now!
  • 30 Million Downloads!
  • : Mobile games industry experts tell us their New Year's resolutions for 2017 "As a New Year's resolution, our goal for the next year will be to try to shift the industry towards a "player-first" mentality. Many developers forget why people play games and what it is the players really want. With such a saturated market, the only way to break through the noise is to create something that people actually want. If you constantly deliver this, people will be coming back for more." Johan Persson, VP of Product
  • What were the biggest mobile games industry trends in 2016? "One of the biggest trends this year, has been synchronous multiplayer. Clash Royale started this trend and many developers have hopped on the bandwagon, which will likely continue into the next year." Johan Persson VP of Product
  • Getting ready to move offices!
  • Today we´re happy to announce that ex-Widespace exec Magnus Wiklander will join us as our new CFO. We are thrilled to welcome such an experienced, knowledgeable and driven person as Magnus on board!
  • Preparations for the office Christmas party! ☃️
  • Friday morning presentations and breakfast!
  • Christmas tree in the house ☃️


We are MAG Interactive – a mobile gaming company built on a wealth of creativity and passion. We thrive on creating quality experiences that make our players want to come back for more.
And Players agree! Our games have been downloaded more than 100 million times, and we are proud to say that Ruzzle is one of the most played mobile word games ever made.

We are all part of a creative, positive and trusting environment where everyone has a sense of ownership over their activities and pride in their work. This open and collaborative working culture at MAG is key to our ability to continuously create top notch games.

Every game released from MAG Interactive has reached a multi-million player base and reached the #1 position in its category in a large number of countries. Wordbrain was selected Best of Google Play 2015 and Ruzzle and Ruzzle Adventure were both selected Best Of App Store by Apple and have reached the #1 word game spot in over 100 countries!


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