MAG Interactive Joins Charity Fundraiser 'One Special Day'

Donating 100% of UK Revenue to Help Disabled Gamers on September 29th

Stockholm, Sweden — September 21, 2017 — Swedish developer MAG Interactive today announced participating in an upcoming charity event One Special Day, organised by British charity SpecialEffect to help disabled gamers. Alongside 30 other mobile game developers, MAG Interactive will donate all their UK revenue generated for their word puzzle game WordBrain on September 29th.

“We at MAG are proud to be a part of this very special cause making the gaming world into a more inclusive place for everyone”, said Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive. “We admire the work SpecialEffect does in changing people’s lives and we hope that by donating WordBrain revenue as well as cross-promoting One Special Day message across our most played games we’ll help them reach this year’s goal.”

During One Special Day mobile game developers unite in order to help disabled people play video games. The donations will be used to create custom control setups that facilitate movements for gamers with various disabilities. This year more than 30 mobile game developers are joining forces to raise £100,000 from the revenue generated on September 29th in the United Kingdom.

About MAG Interactive

MAG Interactive is a mobile gaming company built on creativity and passion. With offices located in Stockholm and Brighton, the team is working hard towards one goal: to create high quality games that make players want to come back for more. The company reached 100M downloads across its portfolio in 2016 and has just surpassed 70M downloads with its flagship franchise, Ruzzle. MAG was also included in the Inc. 5000 List of the fastest growing companies in Europe for 2017. MAG Interactive’s most successful titles include Ruzzle, Ruzzle Adventure and Wordbrain, all of which have reached #1 spots on the App Store and Google Play. For more information visit

About SpecialEffect

SpecialEffect is a UK based charity which uses video games and technology to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities. From controller modifications to eye-control, all customised gaming setups are designed to suit the very specific individual needs of every person regardless of his or her disability. For more information visit:

Ruzzle Adventure Gets a Makeover

The Spinoff of the Acclaimed Word Game ‘Ruzzle’ Now With Completely New Levels, Rules and More!

Stockholm, Sweden – June 14, 2017 – Swedish developer MAG Interactive today launched a completely revamped iOS version of their word game, Ruzzle Adventure, adding new level design, rules and more features. The perfect extension of the most played word game in the world, Ruzzle, Ruzzle Adventure is a single-player game offering the same signature finger-swiping mechanic as Ruzzle, however applying it on level based word puzzles. Featured in Editor’s Choice category after its launch in 2014, today Ruzzle Adventure still holds the ‘Essentials’ label.

“Ever since it’s launch three years ago, millions of players have enjoyed the awarding-winning word puzzle Ruzzle Adventure“, said Johan Persson, VP of Product at MAG Interactive. “Based on community feedback, today we launch the biggest update to date, presenting you with a fully redesigned game. If you haven’t experienced Ruzzle Adventure yet, now’s the time!!”

Ruzzle Adventure takes players on a word puzzle journey through 200 levels spanning across five unique worlds: The Forest, The Swamp, The Volcano, Area 42 and The Lost Island. The game offers a variety of modes that challenge players to find words while trying to crush wooden and stone letters, collect gems, break ice, climb out of a well, unlock sockets and take down other obstacles using only a limited number of moves. Depending on the score, players receive golden coins that are used as a currency in the game. To help players advance in the game Ruzzle Adventure features four boosters: random bombs, swap tile option, shuffle board and jumping up the well option. Additionally the player has a once a day opportunity to use The Gold Board for additional coins.

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    Developer: MAG Interactive
    Publisher: MAG Interactive
    Genre: Puzzle
    Platform: iOS
    Price: Free
    Launch date: May, 2014

Ruzzle Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

Team Battles Commence in The Most Played Word Game in the World

Stockholm, Sweden — March 30, 2017 — MAG Interactive celebrates Ruzzle’s birthday today, as the addictively fun mobile word game that has been downloaded over 70 million times worldwide turns five years old. In honor of this huge milestone MAG has introduced a new game mode with the introduction of Team Play, that allows players to pair up with friends and battle against other teams for the weekly League champion title. Ruzzle – one of the most social mobile games in the market just got even more social!

“This is a big day for MAG, as our first-born turns five years old”, said Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive. “In today’s saturated mobile market we are thrilled that Ruzzle still has such a dedicated following, and we continue to add new fun features, such as the new Team Play, to keep the experience fresh and fun for established and new players”.

For the occasion, MAG Interactive created an infographic illustrating interesting facts about Ruzzle and its accomplishments since its launch five years ago. For instance, overall 23 billion rounds of Ruzzle have been played that took players 100,000 years to finish. Ruzzle is also responsible for countless new friendships made through the in-game chat system, that has even led to three happy marriages! Besides all this, Ruzzle has been Top 10 word game in 145 countries.

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MAG Interactive’s 2016 Sales Push Past 28M Euro

Annual Report Reveals Huge Success Based on Strong Portfolio and Player Appeal

Stockholm, Sweden — March 15, 2017 — Swedish mobile games developer MAG Interactive today shared the findings from its 2016 annual report, announcing financial figures that depict sustained growth and profitability based on its portfolio of popular mobile titles including Ruzzle, Wordbrain, Wordalot and more. With over 100 million downloads across its portfolio, the annual financial report revealed that MAG’s sales last year rose a record breaking 70% from 2015 to €28 million (£24.3M, $29.5M), with an overall profit of €5.8 million (£5M, $6.1M).

“2016 was a truly great year for MAG, as we not only surpassed 100 million downloads across our portfolio, but the end financial result exceeded our expectations”, said Daniel Hasselberg,  CEO of MAG Interactive. “There’s no magic trick in achieving strong growth other than constantly improving and scaling up existing games as well as releasing new titles. The continued success of our first game Ruzzle shows that with a little love and pruning, the older games can flourish for years and play a big part in your business along with new releases.”

MAG’s continued success is a direct result of analysing the successes and failures of its previous mobile launches and drawing conclusions on how to optimize and streamline the development process for future titles. For this reason they have eliminated the “normal” top-down managerial structure in order to empower teams providing an open, collaborative and constructive environment where developers can feel true ownership in projects they work on.

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MAG Interactive's 'Ruzzle' Franchise Hits Whopping 70 Million Download Mark!

Swedish game developer MAG Interactive is excited to announce its flagship mobile franchise Ruzzle has surpassed 70 million downloads. The very first in MAG Interactive’s game roster, Ruzzle is an award winning fast-paced word game available for free on iOS and Android. Since it’s launch in 2012 it has topped the charts of the App Store and Google Play across 145 countries and remains one of the most played word games on the market today. Ruzzle Adventure joined the franchise in 2014 and has over 5 million downloads.

“We’re thrilled about this milestone for Ruzzle and proud that after nearly five years it is still popular amongst new and old fans alike”, said Johan Persson, Vice President of Product at MAG Interactive. “We have a soft spot for Ruzzle, as it was the first game that we developed and put us in the spotlight. The success of the franchise proves that quality titles can be successful for many years with the right formula of keeping players engaged and happy”.

Featuring addictively fun gameplay inspired by the board games Boggle and Scrabble, Ruzzle challenges you to form as many words as possible by drawing your finger across scrambled letters to connect the letters. The bigger the word, the more points you earn as you battle a friend or random opponent in three 2-minute rounds. Regular tournaments and rewards for leveling up keep Ruzzle fresh and fun for players everywhere! For more information about Ruzzle, visit this page.

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Talk to the Fist with SmackChat, Out Now on iMessage

MAG Interactive’s Latest Mobile Game Enriches Chatting Experience With Friendly Banter

Stockholm, Sweden — January 26, 2017 — Today iMessage lets you become your favorite Kung Fu Master in a battle against your friends with SmackChat, the latest social game created by Swedish developer MAG Interactive. Available for free on the App Store for iOS10, SmackChat pits players against each other in a rock, paper, scissors style Kung Fu battle where the victor gets to talk smack! Download SmackChat on AppStore today.

“MAG Interactive strives to find new and unique ways to engage players and encourage player interaction, and iMessage is the perfect platform for a game like SmackChat,” said Johan Persson, Vice President of Product at MAG Interactive. “Featuring comical art style and funky sound effects, SmackChat is a super casual, fun game that encourages player banter and a healthy bit of good-natured trash talking. Give it a try today! We’re sure your friends deserve it!”

With simple gameplay, SmackChat is all about mind games in who can outsmart the other and deliver the wittiest victory line. First, select your opponent on iMessage and begin your Kung Fu battle by selecting which parts of the body (head, torso or legs) you will target over three moves – then write a trash talk message that will smack your opponent if you win. Your opponent also selects his or her own three moves and snarky message, and then a battle video is automatically sent to both players featuring a full replay of the Kung Fu fight. As you progress you can gain sagely wisdom from the Sifu and unlock exclusive characters with special victory animations.

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WordBrain Hits 30M Downloads, and MAG Teases with a New iMessage Game Project

Swedish mobile developer MAG Interactive starts off 2017 with a big bang as WordBrain hits 30 million downloads, attracting the true word wizards seeking the ultimate puzzle challenge. With a high difficulty level, few have finished the game, but millions keep coming back for more and WordBrain remains one of the most popular MAG Interactive titles, raising the bar in the word game genre yet again.

In addition, MAG’s latest game Wordalot Express, released on Messenger and Facebook News Feed in November 2016, has already surpassed 1M players. With this successful start to the Instant Games initiative, MAG Interactive will continue releasing games and apps through new platforms, ergo soon users will be able to do a little “smacking” while chatting in iMessage in the next weeks – more details coming soon!

“We are thrilled by the current success of WordBrain and Wordalot Express, and we will keep bringing games players can’t get enough of to market. Stay tuned for more details about our new iMessage project, which will make chatting more fun and engaging”. said CTO Kaj Nygren

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MAG Interactive's 'Wordalot Express' Now Available on Instant Games


Swedish mobile games publisher MAG Interactive announced today that WORDALOT EXPRESS is now available on Instant Games, a new feature from Facebook that lets users join and play a game in seconds on Messenger and Facebook News Feed. Wordalot Express is one of the 17 games available at launch, bringing a brand new Wordalot play experience to the masses.

“We’re excited to be one of the first participants in the Instant Games initiative”, said Johan Persson, Vice President of Product at MAG Interactive. “We are always looking for ways to reduce player friction, and Facebook’s Instant Games on News Feed and Messenger is a great solution that allows players to jump right in and immediately start playing. We know our players well, and we know that they will appreciate this new easy, streamlined approach to casual gaming on Facebook and Messenger too”.

Instant Games helps people to easily discover, share and play games instantly without the requirement of installing the game first. This significant new channel for discovery helps developers to lower user acquisition with viral and organic growth. Available in a webview and working across both Messenger and Facebook News Feed on mobile and desktop, Instant Games will reach a massive player audience as well as engage people in completely new way.

Created specifically for Instant Games, Wordalot Express is a lighter version of the original Wordalot crossword puzzle that includes all the same features, except the ability to choose levels. Players use charming pictures as clues to find the missing words and successfully complete the crossword. Plenty of brain racking awaits in Wordalot Express now available for Messenger and Facebook News Feed. Don’t stress out if you’ve forgotten your pencil – with this digital crossword game MAG Interactive has you covered!


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'Wordalot' Milestone – One Billion Words, And Counting!

With more than 100 million downloads across its portfolio, Swedish mobile developer MAG Interactive continues to bring quality play experiences to all the wordsmiths out there. Its digital crossword puzzler Wordalot reached an impressive milestone with one billion words played in the game. Following in the footsteps of its predecessors by surpassing several million downloads, Wordalot becomes MAG Interactive’s seventh consecutive mobile app to reach a multi-million player base around the world.

“We are thrilled to see the Wordalot community being so active and engaged, which not only satisfies us as the creators but motivates us to keep on delivering the top notch quality for all crossword fans around the world”, said Johan Persson, VP of Product at MAG Interactive. “Being word game enthusiasts ourselves we seek ways to innovate the crossword genre yet keep the essence of the beloved classic. If you haven’t played Wordalot yet it’s time to jump in and play together with millions of players around the world. Enjoy!”

Wordalot adds a twist to the popular genre, using charming pictures as clues to spice up traditional crossword gameplay. Puzzle your way through hundreds of levels, scouring through pictures to find missing words and complete each level. If you think pictures make it too easy to guess all the words, think again, as plenty of brain racking awaits you in Wordalot. Don’t stress out if you’ve forgotten your pencil – with this digital crossword game MAG Interactive has you covered! Wordalot is available for free on IOS and ANDROID.


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Introducing Wordalot – A Modern Crossword Puzzle!

MAG Interactive, the studio behind hit games such as Ruzzle and Wordbrain, bring you the global release of a brand new word puzzler: Wordalot!

Wordalot joins MAG Interactive’s roster of popular puzzle games for iOS and Android, which have recently surpassed the collective milestone of 100 million downloads.

One of our favourite ways to play with words has always been the crossword puzzle.

Wordalot is an updated version of a true classic. The simple gameplay lets players find all of the clues they need to solve the puzzle in one picture for each level.

You never need to worry about forgetting your pencil when your crossword puzzle is digital.


About MAG

MAG Interactive is a mobile gaming company built on creativity and passion. Our studios in Stockholm and Brighton are working hard towards one goal: create high quality games that make our players want to come back for more.

So far our games have been praised by Apple and Google; Ruzzle was named Best of App Store 2012, Ruzzle Adventure was named Best of App Store 2014 and Worbrain was selected Best of Google Play 2015. Not to mention the reviews and comments from over 100 million players.

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